Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Paper, is it worth another look? - In the kitchen

On the left, paper, hard at work
Earlier last summer some friends and I, all in our early 30’s, went to an amusement park. We bought tickets in advance, and out of six of us, only I had a printer to print the tickets. Informally polling others, it’s not uncommon in this smartphone world.

OK, obviously no one has a printer, it’s old technology what’s the big deal?

Paper it turns out, is pretty awesome. A monochrome home laser printer is now $60, and the cheapest Costco recycled paper is $50 for 2500 sheets. I've had great success with a Samsung ML-2510, which is comparable to the new Samsung Monochrome Laser Printer (ML-2165).

Let's compare paper with an iPad or tablet.

Paper can be thrown out if dirty, a tablet can be, but you'd rather not do that.
Paper can be put directly on the work surface, a tablet needs a fancy stand to hold it upright.
Paper can be moved around with dirty hands, a tablet, not so much.
Paper can be written on, with dirty hands, then the underlying document edited later, annotating a recipe on a tablet with tomato sauce on your hands is not recommended.

And of course, paper is drop proof.

The clear winner in the kitchen, paper.

So what's optimal?

Optimal solution, buy a modest home printer, the cheapest paper you can find, and don't be afraid to get messy in the kitchen


  1. I agree wholeheartedly, good sir...

  2. I can't understand why anyone would just plop electronics near liquids and foods (like at table restaurants, kitchen counters, next to their coffee at their desks), etc...it's just common sense!

    1. I agree, except regarding coffee at your desk. Some of my co-workers use travel mugs at work to reduce spillage risk. Coffee has unfortunately become such a critical habit, that to not have it at my desk would be unimaginable. I use a regular mug, since I haven't found a machine washable travel mug that doesn't leak or break. If you (or anyone) know of one I would be interested.