Monday, August 26, 2013

Cover Your Assets - Covered Parking

Underground, and safe!

Go Deep

My wife and I went to the grocery store last weekend, and it being a high of 25 degrees Celsius (or 77 Fahrenheit), we decided to park underground. The decision was made that much easier, since I own a black vehicle, with a gray interior, without tinted windows, and without air conditioning. So, in short, I drive a black oven.

We parked underground, for the obvious reason that it would give the car a chance to cool before we, and our suitably protected groceries, got back in it.

It was interesting, that very few people parked in the underground, most parking out front. While I imagine people have safety concerns about darkly lit parking garages, this one is very well lit. It was also the middle of the day on a Sunday, so there was no risk of being the only non-criminal in the lot.

Why Park Outside?

Outside you are vulnerable to:
  1. Bird POOP (which can damage your paint almost immediately)
  2. Sun, which fades your interior, and is hard on the paint over time
  3. Sun, which heats your vehicle
  4. Unexpected rain
  5. Unexpected hail
  6. Unexpected Lightening
  7. Wind, and wind blown debris
  8. Unexpected meteorites
  9. Unexpected space junk
Image Courtesy of State Farm on Flickr 
While you may think the above is silly, as they say, bird poop does happen. Some of the others may seems less likely, but if US insurance company State Farm writes about space junk claims, then you know it's serious enough. Well, maybe not, but who knows.

So why not cover yourself, and always park in covered parking. Besides, for those of us with black cars, don't black cars look better in the shade?


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