Wednesday, August 28, 2013

It's not a purse, it's a satchel! - Efficiencies of a ManBag

Too bad the belly is photobombing

Never Say You'll Never Have a Manbag

So, I finally knucked under and bought myself a MEC Carry All MG Shoulder Bag, primarily because I love to read. Recently I've been reading The Personal MBA.

The Personal MBA is a great book, by Josh Kaufman. The premise of the book is by reading, and studying business you can gain a great deal of business education without doing an MBA. I'll have more on the book later, but I was really tired of being on public transit, waiting for my wife at a store (or outside of a store) or waiting anywhere and being unable to read.

I also got tired of having bulging pockets from carrying around a cellphone, wallet, sunglasses case, and sometimes a digital camera. As any guy will admit, it's not comfortable carrying all this stuff around.

I went with Mountain Equipment Co-op since they make excellent products, and have a 100% satisfaction policy. I can return the product at any time, for a full refund. If I decide that a satchel is not for me, I can return it and get all my money back. Buying something you're not sure of, and returning it if you don't want it is completely legal and ethical. Buying something you know that you only need for a short time period, and returning it once you're done, is wrong.

Even only using this on weekends, over the last few weeks I've gained over 2 hours of reading. That's a real time gain. While I could do like everyone else and just burn up idle time using my phone, reading off a real book (or an e-reader) is much nicer, and now with a satchel, completely possible.


  1. If you don't have one, you should consider an e-reader. I have a Kindle. It's easier and lighter to carry with you vs. books, and the battery life is rated in weeks. The newer models have self-lit displays, which are even more awesome.

    1. I completely agree! I have a Kobo E-Reader. I'm a big fan of it, particularly for downloading books from the library onto.

      This particular book I bought when it was first released, in paper format. I forget if it was available in non-Kindle, electronic format at that time or not.