Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Would you hire yourself, to be yourself? - Typing

2 Finger Typer

Would you hire someone like this to type for you?

What qualifications would you list to be you? I don’t just mean qualifications at work, what about qualifications needed for your personal life? What assortment of skills and traits would you look for to juggle all the different hats you wear as a husband, wife, brother, sister, uncle, aunt, friend, employee, owner and co-worker? Do you have all the traits and skills that you think you’d need if you were to hire someone to replace you in your life?

This post is the first to look at some of these traits and skills, specifically your typing skills for when you act as your own personal assistant.

Sadly, few of us have our own secretaries, even Director / Business Unit Manager / Plant Manager type people I’ve worked with don’t have their own secretaries.

Would you hire yourself to be your own typist?
How many emails a day to you send? At work? At home? Do a quick count, is it 100? Is it more?
How many documents do you type at work?

Are you unable to keep up when taking notes in a meeting or at school?

If you type like the guy above (with two fingers), would you hire that guy to do all your daily typing? No, of course not, then why do you “hire” yourself to type with two fingers? Even if you type better than someone with two fingers, can you touch type? Are you at 40, or 50 words per minute?

Learning to type even 10% faster could make a huge difference in how efficient you are professionally and personally. If you’re using two fingers, there’s probably a lot more room for improvement than 10%.

OK, I agree, I’m not qualified to type for myself, now what do I do?

There’s many different programs or techniques out there, but I've tried: . It’s free and decent, so why not give it a shot? This could make a real productivity difference, very quickly.


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