Monday, August 19, 2013

YES! I do wear black socks and shorts to the gym!

Fashion, is it Optimal?

Fashion, it's everything to some people, but is being fashionable always optimal?

I wear black cotton socks to work. 

Periodically, I do go to the gym to workout, in shorts and a t-shirt.

Now, take any preconceived ideas you may have about anything and answer this: does it make sense to remove one cotton sock and replace it with another different coloured cotton sock, then after 30-60 minutes remove and launder the 2nd sock? Think of it, that one white sock is only getting 30-60 minutes of wear per wash, what a waste.

No way! Think of the extra laundry you're needlessly generating.

So, be brave, be a hero for the environment, be optimal and wear your work socks with pride to the gym!

(Note: if you're single, this might be a bad idea and lead to a loss of potential mate options. If you're married, you should definitely do this, and repel any romantic advances towards you before they happen).


  1. Shouldnt the metric be how dirty the socks get and not how long you wear them? or the cost (e.g. wear and tear*price of sock) per wash?

    Lets assume that wearing socks to gym for 30 minutes gets them dirty enough that you need to wash them. Why not where white socks (which are likely much cheaper than works socks) to the gym and save your work socks (assuming they aren't dirty enough) for another non-gym, more fashionable use. This way your cost per wash is likely minimized while being fashionable.

    1. Having the metric be dirtiness instead of time is an interesting idea. This provides justification for washing a dirty sock, even if it only took 30 minutes to dirty the sock.

      However, after work is done and you're home or at the gym, the work sock isn't dirty enough that you must immediately remove it. Therefore, you can still wear the same sock just a bit longer to wear it at the gym.

      This article pre-supposes that you do not wear high-end fashionable work socks that are of significantly more value than your cotton gym socks. Should that be the case, then it would entirely make sense to save your work socks the wear and tear.

  2. Assuming you have socks that are more suited to exercising in (breath-ability, cheaper, can resist wear and tear better, etc.) and socks that are more suited for work (better quality, longer, more expensive/pair, etc.), what's wrong with wearing two pairs of socks? Even if work socks weren't "dirty", I wouldn't want to wear them to exercise, nor would I not wash them after a day of wearing even if they weren't deemed "dirty". You may save more energy by using a dryer less than washing less.

  3. I find guys in their black dress sox so sexy at the gym - keep it up guys :)