Monday, September 16, 2013

Subway Restaurant Upsell EXPOSED


Last Friday, I was at a Subway restaurant. Subway is one of my favourites, because it offers healthy food, at a resonable price. In this regard, I believe it trumps all other fast food (although McDonald's still has a soft place in my heart).

That Friday, when I walked up to the counter I saw the sign on the left, with large letters that said "ALWAYS UPSELL - TO EVERY CUSTOMER". This was a sign I've never seen before, and looked like something you're not supposed to see. I quickly took a photo of it with my phone. While we all know companies try to upsell, I did not know that the cardboard cookie ad they place on the subway counter, has upselling instructions on the back of it!

So now, you've peaked behind the Subway curtain, and see that they are trying to always get you to buy a drink, or if it's cold outside, a footlong steak and cheese. I must admit though, if a subway employee ever did use the "It's cold outside, I bet a FOOTLONG steak & cheese would help" line on me, I would feel obligated to buy one for hearing such a funny line.

Companies will try to upsell you, so make sure you know what you want prior to going in. Getting more than you wanted (or need) isn't optimal but don't blame them if you buy more than you originally thought you would. Afterall, all they did was ask.

So What Do I DO?

Make sure you know what you want, before you go in there, and by default, SAY NO to gravy, cheese, bacon, to make it a combo, or anything. If you really wanted any of those, you would've asked for them in the first place. What they really are doing is putting you on the spot, by asking if you want to be upsold, while you're in a busy line. Ordering more than you really want is not optimal, for your wallet or your weight class.


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