Wednesday, September 11, 2013

You wouldn't schedule yourself to be in a traffic jam, so why are you?

How much traffic there usually is

How much traffic you want to have

Traffic is horrible, it wastes gas, puts extra wear on your vehicles brakes and transmission, and most importantly, it's a waste of time and a source of stress. Traffic, unfortunately, for many is a part of daily life.

While some of you may use public transit some of the time or not even own a vehicle, you too are vulnerable to disruptions when subway lines are closed or under maintenance.

While it may be difficult to avoid traffic, unless you're putting major road (subway, train, ferry) closures in your calendar you may be scheduling yourself into a jam.

In my hometown of Toronto, by checking this website once a month, you can have planned closures in your calendar before you may plans and potentially avoid driving or driving in that area on that day. Closure listings for your town are hopefully just a google search away.

Spending 2-3 minutes, once a month, reading a web page could save you hours of aggravation and wasted time.

In a perfect world, the road owner would have IT tools to send notifications directly to your calendar, smartphone or car GPS, but for now, it's worth manually checking.

For what it's worth, I asked my city Councillor if the city could setup a shared calendar of road closures, which I could then subscribe to. The response was:

I believe that the City's IT Division is currently looking at more ways to modernize the system and create feeds like the one you have mentioned. I will be sure to keep your feedback in mind as the technology develops and provide this feedback to our IT Division.

So for now, and likely indefinitely, it's manually checking a website once a month.


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