Monday, April 13, 2015

Make Your Job Your Hobby

The Happy Worker, Dreams of Being at Work

Don't Make Your Hobby Your Work - Make Your Work Your Hobby

Confucius says "Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.". Forbes can provide Six Tips for Turning Your Hobby Into Your Job.

Looking at Google Search history for "Find Your Passion", shows a steady increase.

The Trouble With Passion Plays

Following your passion might be a great idea, and it might not. Your passion might not be something that lets you earn the amount of money you and your family need right now. Your passion also might not be something you can pursue without going back to school, or moving, and both of those take time.

There's also risk in moving somewhere, or trying a new career. What if you aren't any good at it?

More to the point, finding what your actual passion is, and then finding a way to "follow" it can take years. What if you never really "find" your passion anyways? Does that mean you're obliged to stay "stuck" until you can perfectly plan your passion?

Zero Risk, Start NOW and Get Immediate Results!- Re-Engage At Your Current Job

What if I told you, someone will pay you at your current rate, to be at a new passion? All you have to do, is change your passion to be what your current job is!

While this sounds silly, it isn't. Through mind-over-matter, you can certainly re-engage and start to love your current job more than you did before. There must be some reason you're doing what you're doing, reconnect with that original interest.

A Secret To Liking Something - Being Good At It

Even as a kid, haven't you always enjoyed doing things that you were good at? If you spent 2-4 hours a week, of your own time, making yourself "better" at work, won't you enjoy your job more? Won't you enjoy being better than your other co-workers and the greater respect you'll receive when it's obvious you know more than

Speaking from personal experience, it's very difficult to keep momentum going when learning skills that have nothing to do with your work. Whenever you get busy, or stop temporarily, you're losing those skills. It's also hard to stay motiviated, because sometimes it's hard to get over the initial hump from unskilled to at least novice/adequate.

On the other hand, if you're learning things outside of work, that you directly use at work, it's so much easier. Instead of spending time learning the basics, you're learning mastery or advanced topics. It's also a lot easier to stay motivated, because what you're learning can hopefully be very quickly implemented.


Making a concious decision to make your current work your work passion, and you're already spending 40 hours a week being paid to do your passion. Spending your own time outside of work, furthering your passion craft skills let's you move to mastery in your paid employment.

What are the obvious next steps? Are there industry trade magazines you're not reading? Training from vendors and suppliers? Improvement initiative ideas you have for work but haven't thought through fully then make a plan and follow through! Re-engage and commit to enjoying yourself, and you very likely will.


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