Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Up Lost Time

Cool Dude Alert!

Sometimes, People Are Late

I know, it's not an earth shattering idea, but it happens. While there are many reasons that people are late (family, work, poor transit, traffic, zombie apocalypse), none of these reasons give back the time you lose if you happen to be the one that is on-time.

As a FindingOptimal reader, you are likely one of those people who strive to, and for the most part are, on time. By bringing a book with you, perhaps in a satchel, you can gain valuable reading time.

As a real world example, I was meeting some friends in a pub and showed up 2 minutes late. My other friends were 20 minutes late. While it may not have been "cool", the first friend to show up assured me it was not, I gained 18 minutes of reading time and had something to do.

When was the last time you read something? And learned something? Is it because you don't feel like you have the time?

How much idle or dead time do you have waiting to meet friends or family?
How much time have you spent waiting in dentist/doctor or professional offices?
What about when getting your drivers licence renewed?
Do you have to visit clients at work? How often are you early because you allow time so there's no chance you're late? What are you doing with that dead time?

Why not gain that time back, for something more serious than angry birds on your phone!


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