Monday, May 11, 2015

Efficient Single Serving... Tea!

 Save Money / Time / The Earth Itself!

Well, maybe I'm exagerating slightly, but if you just want one serving of something, why make more?

These tea cups from David's Tea, offer a way to make a single serving of tea. This means:
  1. You only boil enough water for one cup of tea, or the minimum level of your tea kettle (whichever is lower)
  2. You use exactly how much loose leaf tea you want when making the tea
  3. You only use enough tea for one cup of tea, so you're not wasting tea
These mugs provide all the advantages of single serve coffee, except in tea form which a much lower cost than a single serve coffee machine.

Cleanup is also easy, since most of these mugs go in the dishwasher! Completely automating your cleanup.

In my house, we actually bought three of these mugs because we don't run the dishwasher everyday.

How does it work?

Each mug has a stainless steel infuser and a lid. The infuser keeps the loose leaf tea inside the cup, but let's you lift it out when the tea has finished brewing. The lid, let's the tea stay hot when it's brewing and also acts as a place to put the infuser after you're done.

What About Cleanup?

Here's a picture of my dishwasher, with both the David's Tea mug, as well as a teapot and conventional mug. As you can see, the spout from the teapot takes up considerable space.

I'm viewing the diswasher photo in Paint.Net, which is am amazing piece of free software. It has some very powerful feature, keyboard shortcuts, layers, and blurs, but is extremely easy to use. When you select an area, at the bottom of the screen it tells you the number of pixels inside that area, based on the selection, we can see the top footprint of my dishwasher is approximately 4.2 million pixels

 This isn't completely accurate, but it gives you an idea.

Now, by selecting the David's Tea accoutrements, we can see their area: is 480,000 pixels

Similarly, by selecting the teapot, the area is 870,000 pixels, almost double!!

Clearly, the David's Tea mug is a winner for more compact dishwasher storage.


If you live by yourself, or if fairly often only one person in your house wants tea, then consider a mug with an infuser. This let's you only use enough tea, and hot water for one person, while the user of a dishwasher safe mug automates cleanup.


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